Newbie Questions!

Newbie Questions!

Postby Featherfall » Fri Aug 15, 2014 10:00 pm

This is perhaps answered somewhere else, but I didn't see it in the demo.

How do I choose a room to build? I mean, how do I choose one over any other room that is available? It seems that every room I have accessible in the demo is at least capable of producing monsters. I'm not sure what my strategy should be in selecting a room and/or what goes in that room. Does it matter? It seems like it probably does.

With as fast-paced as the game is, I have some trouble spending any real time mulling over my decisions, instead focusing on producing combos as quickly as possible and spamming the restock monster buttons. This strategy seems to work to some degree, but I suspect it will eventually fail me once the full game (or a more advanced alpha/beta) is released.

Also, is there any way to set a room to automatically restock if resources are available and all of the guardians have been slain? (What is the proper term for a room's complement of monsters? Guardians seems like it could be right?)

Sorry for the barrage of questions! But I'm really big into strategy and puzzle games so I am quite curious!

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Re: Newbie Questions!

Postby Jake » Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:32 pm

Hey Featherfall. I can definitely clear some of this up for you!

Featherfall wrote:How do I choose a room to build? I mean, how do I choose one over any other room that is available? It seems that every room I have accessible in the demo is at least capable of producing monsters. I'm not sure what my strategy should be in selecting a room and/or what goes in that room. Does it matter? It seems like it probably does.

In the demo, it barely matters; both for the pacing reason you mention (more on that in a moment), and because there simply isn't much depth to the included build paths. Eventually, the five starter floors you pick will have a big impact on what becomes available to you. Why aim for anything in particular, though? For one, I want to encourage strategic party building, so the best strategies will involve grouping minions together based on complimentary abilities. There will also be a couple of ways to gauge what's coming up next, so you can aim to counter things. I have other ideas in this vein that I'm not really talking about yet, but the idea is that I will be slowing the pace and putting more emphasis on active strategy and tactics.

I really geared the demo build toward fast-paced matching because I don't have the content to back up my plans yet, so the only way to make it engaging at this stage was to give it more urgency. I've written about these plans in a few places, but they boil down to some very basic changes in the game's pacing, where minions will gather outside of your dungeon, weathering the night before braving the descent, creating loose "phases" to the gameplay, encouraging matching and building while activity is light, and focusing on active dungeon defense when things ramp up: strategic item use, trap deployment, party building, etc.

This is not to say that the frantic matching and buying whatever you can get strategy will never ever work in the final build, but I want the game's difficulty and depth to increase over time, so as you improve as a player, your games will last longer and become more challenging and rewarding. Hopefully, we can manage enough content to make that possible =).

Featherfall wrote:Also, is there any way to set a room to automatically restock if resources are available and all of the guardians have been slain? (What is the proper term for a room's complement of monsters? Guardians seems like it could be right?)

There is currently no automatic restock option, and I'm not convinced I want it; once I move over to having "phases," I'll want players to be jumping up and down their dungeon, reinforcing, intervening, and planning (with occasional jumps down to the puzzle to quickly match a needed resource or match up a good item drop). This feature might also be a little weird to implement for packs of monsters, because the pack cost always remains the same, even if you are only replacing one minion. I imagine autostock would be relatively expensive for pack-based floors--which is weird, because these are generally the "cheap" units.

"Guardians" is okay, but not all minion AI tells them to actually guard their floor. Many (most, at this stage) minions are set to patrol, some are set to hunt, and some are set to join up with others they can benefit. It depends on the type of minion, and I realize that a lot of these details are clear as mud in the demo, but trust me, I'll be adding a lot more to the game--via the codex and UI--to help make these things clearer over time; the alpha should help a lot with this! The demo was really meant to be a fun taste of the core mechanics, to show some of the things that I was talking about in the Kickstarter, and to prove that I wasn't just peddling snake oil =).
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Re: Newbie Questions!

Postby Featherfall » Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:29 pm

Okay! Thank you for humoring me! n.n
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Postby Robertcetry » Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:38 pm

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