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Banner Bonuses

Postby ThirdAnguis » Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:54 pm

It was pitched previously that certain banners might give you small bonuses. This is a thread for suggesting cute things banners can do! Note that banner bonuses should be very minor -- enough to tweak and personalize gameplay slightly, not enough to actually give an overwhelming advantage. Anyway, my first one is inspired from this conversation in the high scores thread.

Jake wrote:
ThirdAnguis wrote:I feel terrible compared to everyone else, only 56,529 on build 2014.12.16. :P It got pretty hectic at the end -- my Tyrant was personally striking down heroes entering his lair with a combination of bombs and health potions. Alas, I got the timing wrong on one of the bombs and the turn order rolled over before I could heal him back up after one explosion.

I feel terrible all the time, too, because my scores aren't generally so high, but then, I am usually playing to test specific things, and I am constantly resetting my progress, so I can hide behind those excuses. That bomb/health potion tactic is pretty ballsy; I've been known to spam adamantiserum on my Tyrant, though :).

The tyrant is normally supposed very squishy -- after all, if a champion has gotten to the bottom of your dungeon then the game is supposed to be over! There seem to be a number of strategies for having the tyrant engage in and win combat encounters. Perhaps a banner or two could help facilitate this! Maybe one that renders the tyrant immune to item-inflicted damage so that you can hurl bombs and spores to your hearts content in the sanctum, or one that gives him more health but locks the sanctum to "Do Not Enter" mode so that none of his minions can go in. He can have a proper boss fight in both situations but it needs to have your ENTIRE focus because he /will/ die if left alone for more than a few seconds.

Something that renders your tyrant immune to self-inflicted damage, or gives him more health so that he can actually combat heroes. Just something that adds
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